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For a More Gender-balanced World
From Tiffany, Co-founder of OLEADA

Hey, my fellow professional girls!

Before starting OLEADA, my co-founder Tracy and I worked in Finance & Investment. I was on Wall Street, New York, while she was working in Central, Hong Kong. As female minorities, we saw the gender imbalance in the business world and felt a strong need for change. That called for jumping out of the box to play our own games as many of our role models did. We quit our jobs to build a brand that empowers women

My Eureka moment came from the point of frustration. The weight of long working hours and frequent travels hit me during a business trip from JFK to Hong Kong when my shoulder strap broke as I struggled to shove my laptop back into my handbag - it was the last thing I needed when I was physically and mentally drained.

I could not help but wonder: how come female professionals like us still needed to put up with the most basic pain points, when we had solved some of the world's most challenging problems?

Women's representation in the professional world has grown tremendously, yet we still struggle to find a work bag that excels both in functionality and aesthetics. This is why we created OLEADA, a "painkiller", an elegant handbag solution to bring a sense of weightlessness back to you.

So your life could be a bit easier, a bit lighter, and hopefully even happier. So you can spend more time on yourself, realize your own potential, and live as your heart desires. We believe one day, when you look back, you will find that your stories inspired the next generation of girls, and your achievements have also planted seeds toward a bigger change - a more gender-balanced world.

Gentle, yet powerful. Like you.

Our name, OLEADA, derives from the Spanish word for ocean waves. Like waves of the ocean, we believe each woman is a unique force of her own - gentle yet fierce, poised yet mighty, all at once. OLEADA is a brand born to empower modern women to live their lives fully and be the kind of force their hearts desire to be. Live as your heart desires.

Smart fashion, engineered.

We are a team of female professionals who are tired of having to choose between style and function in the search for a perfect work bag, so we decided to design it ourselves.

We adopt an engineering-driven approach using the Design Thinking method from the tech industry and combine thoughtful, practical designs with exquisitely crafted modern aesthetics.

We want to make bags that are lightweight and luxurious timeless staples that not only easily complement any daily outfit, but smart fashion pieces that make your life easier, too.

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